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Outsourcing the technically demanding accounting activities such as general ledger accounting allows businesses to concentrate more on their core activities.

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KGMC is an Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India, A sound accounting system acts as a foundation, where all the valuable financial information can be constructed in an effective and efficient manner. You are a business owner who is supposed to concentrate in core business activities and by outsourcing accounting services to professional experts, you can overcome accounting bothers including compliances and focus on your business growth.

Outsourcing the technically demanding accounting activities such as general ledger accounting allows businesses to concentrate more on their core activities. KGMC is a business service provider with experience in providing comprehensive general ledger accounting services to a diverse range of clients. We deliver results in line with the client’s accounting manual and local statutory regulations. We can tailor our solution to your mission-critical business needs and preferences.

KGMC team is dedicated to give clients the best possible service ensuring more profitability and cash flow in their business. We work on the philosophy of quality, accuracy, and timeliness. We combine proven operational methods and error-free quality control system to deliver unmatched solutions as per client's business requirements. Top priority is given to meet client's requirements under any circumstance.

Our accounting & compliance outsourcing solution includes the following. We do undertake both onsite & offsite accounting outsourcing.

  • Comprehensive transaction level accounting
    • Maintenance of day to day accounting which includes journal vouchers, cash book, bank book, sales ledgers, purchase registers, bank reconciliations etc.
    • Managing accounts receivables/payables
    • Maintaining fixed assets register
    • Monthly accruals
  • Finalization of accounts and financial statements
  • Monthly and annual statutory compliances including VAT, service tax, income tax etc.
  • Payroll processing & related compliances
  • Inventory accounting
  • Reporting & MIS
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts, debtors, creditors etc.
  • Working with auditors at yearend in closing books of accounts

You may consider outsourcing your account functions if

  • You are a small organization which does not need full time accounting or you cannot afford cost of full time accountant.
  • You cannot hire full time expert say CFO, CA etc.
  • You find it difficult to find quality accounting person
  • You need temporary services say when accounting person is on leave or accounting person has left the organization and there is temporary vacancy.

When is outsourcing accounting not a concern for you:

  • You work on complicated accounting system or your accounting system is unique to your industry.
  • You do not part away with your confidential business information.
  • You want accounting team to be internal part of your organization.
  • You are always fighting with cash flow challenges

Accounting for small business

Managing books of accounts is a skilled job due to difficult business & compliance requirements and only a professional can do it. And to hire a full-time professional with expert knowledge of all laws, taxes and compliances is neither easy nor financially feasible.

The small entrepreneurs ignore accounts outsourcing since they consider it to be expensive without understanding its prominence.

KGMC can outsource your accounting & compliance function at a reasonable cost.


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