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KGMC can help organisation to reconcile the account with MTR. We have experience in dealing with MTR be it centralised operation or decentralised operation.

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We can help organisation to reconcile the account with modern trade. We have suitable experience in dealing with modern trade be it centralized operation or decentralized operation. We can discuss one time or regular assignment. In our experience, following are the general headers of reconciliation

  • Delay in recording of purchase by MTR
  • Sales return/disputed returns
  • Sale not backed by proper documentation
  • Improper credit limit
  • Sales returns not accounted by seller/Delay in recording of the same
  • Payment dispute –payment not accounted/ payment applied in other account in absence of complete information
  • Debit notes/credit notes not accounted
  • Promotional schemes disputes/Discounts not received
  • Rates differences – Masters not updated on time
  • Difference in payments terms agreed with MTR & policy of the organisation
  • Expired POs but material delivered
  • Centralized/decartelized operation for various MTRs
  • Financial/commercial issues on invoice

Why these reconciliation areas are in questions? Following may be the reasons

  • Verbal commitment by sales person against organisation policy
  • Defective invoice process
  • Proper supporting not attached with invoice
  • Delay in approval at both ends
  • Credit limit/period not properly defined
  • Promotional schemes not properly defined/communicated or miscommunicated

Depending upon the requirement of the organization, we can review their processes and suggest them best possible solution. We can also undertake regular reconciliation activities within a given timeframe.


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