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Accounting & Compliance Outsourcing

Outsourcing the technically demanding accounting activities such as general ledger accounting allows businesses to concentrate more on their core activities.


Internal audit

Internal auditors,appointed by the management, is an independent function which helps in understanding and assessing risks and evaluates the internal controls.


Financial Reconciliation – Modern Trade Retail

KGMC can help organisation to reconcile the account with MTR. We have experience in dealing with MTR be it centralised operation or decentralised operation.


Sales Invoice Processing & Auditing

In any organization, sales is the only department that generates revenue. What do you think could be the best way to handle invoice processing?


E-commerce Reconciliation Process

The reconciliation work for e-commerce business include the process of reconciling payments, receipts, commission, sales returns, orders with e-commerce partner.


Accounts Payable Management

No matter what size your business is or what industry you are operating in, paying vendors will always be part of it.


Payroll Processing

From payroll management to leave/attendance management, reimbursement management, statutory compliances, we can help you.


Employee Travel Claim Process

Expense reimbursement is a very common process in every company. Unfortunately, most companies find the administration of this process difficult and time consuming.


Compliances & Reconciliation with Taxes

If your ERP system do not support the reconciliation as required under various laws such as GST, TDS etc,We can do reconciliation of enormous data generated by ERP system.


Fixed Assets Management & Verification

Simply provide your asset additions and deletion/sales activities for the period and we take care of the rest.


Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivables Management is a financial process that helps companies to manage, track, process and collect all accounts receivables.

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kgmc india
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